This Coffee Mug Makes Coffee, Too

by Dasha Fayvinova

Coffee is the only reason I am able to be a functional human every morning, so when I saw the Kickstarter for a Mojoe —a portable coffee maker and traveling mug, I knew that my days were about to become brighter. And I was right. Now I can finally say what I want for my birthday this year — I want this portable tube of delicious perfection. I want this appliance in my car, in my office and next to my bed. In case it wasn't clear before, I am that huge of fan when it comes to coffee.

This Mojoe looks kind of like a thermos, but the inside has compartments for everything you will need to make that perfect cup of joe — which is what makes it both innovative and familiar. You use it like you'd use a regular coffee maker at home! Ground coffee goes into a special compartment, you press a button and it's off. Boiling the water and making a steamy cup of coffee can take anywhere form three to six minutes — it all depends of the temperature of the water you put inside. (The colder the water the longer it takes)

If you donate to the Kickstarter now, you can get some awesome extras with your donation, too. You will obviously receive the Mojoe machine, but you can also get things like extra rechargeable batteries, coffee filter replacements and even little coffee pouches that make placing it inside the filter super easy. Here are some highlights from the video introducing the product.

1. How It Works

Basically, you just pour water into the middle compartment tube. Its very easy to do if you have a water bottle lying around or if you have a funnel. Then you simply scoop in the coffee grinds into the filter (using the handy tab) and you are ready to go. You can also use the coffee grind packets that are easy to pour.

2. The Process

Just so you can get a better look inside of the machine, here is what it looks like, with instructions on how to get water inside. The middle part is what holds all the water in a separate compartment and boils it to the right temperature.

3. Brewing Away...

This is what it looks like when the water starts to boil over and create steam. Suddenly the entire thing is alive and making me so happy. I can just imagine the smell right now....

4. Close And Go

After your preparation, you can just close the rubber top and go on your way. Or you can get everything ready and take it to go, where you can make it at a new location. The choices are limitless.

Here are the Kickstarter videos in full to really explain how this magical machine is going to make your life much easier.

Images: mojoe