'Pitch Perfect' Fans: Your Dream Has Come True

Prepare to get pitch-slapped, because Pitch Perfect 2 is happening, and it might be even better than the original. Although it has been rumored that many members of the original cast will return, and the script has been written by the same awesome person, this installment of Pitch Perfect will be even more lady-friendly because Elizabeth Banks is directing. Banks starred in and produced the last installment but this time, she will probably star, direct, and generally helm the ship of badass singing ladies.

You may know Elizabeth Banks better as Effie from The Hunger Games or Miri from Zack and Miri Make a Porno, but her role as an announcer in Pitch Perfect was... well... perfect. Also, her role as producer may have steered the movie to centering on friendships, with a little romance on the side. She's also a veteran of small-screen comedy, with major roles on 30 Rock (hi Avery Jessup!) and Scrubs. But, more importantly, Banks thought up the idea for Pitch Perfect, so we owe all of its beautiful harmonies to her.

So get excited for the return of the Barden Bellas, but don't get so excited that you start vertical running. Personally, I'm going to celebrate by replaying the aca-battle scene from the movie, and adding my own cardio.