Shop Kylie Jenner's Affordable Sunglasses

When I think of Kylie Jenner, I do not naturally associate "affordable clothing" with her. I mean, this is the girl whose stacks of Cartier bangles probably cost more than my college education, and who regularly snaps pics of her insanely luxe life. When she posted a pic of an adorable outfit today, I had to wonder where to buy Kylie Jenner's sunglasses. And it turns out, they're actually insanely affordable (I bet I'm not the only one who's surprised).

After a little bit of sleuthing, I found out the sunglasses are the Tidal Wave sunglasses from Sorella, and you can get them for the low, low price of $25. No offense to Jenner, but her sunglasses taste tends to be a little more high-end, so I wondered how she came across this $25 pair. Turns out, Sorella is owned by Heather Sanders, the girlfriend of rapper Trell, who also happens to be best friends with Tyga (obviously Jenner's boyfriend). It all makes sense now!

This actually isn't the first time that Jenner has supported Sanders' store. She also loves their Knee'd Those Jeans, and she even posted a Q&A with Sanders on her website. In fact, sister Khloe even posted on her website calling Sorella Boutique one of her "style secrets." How sweet is that?

And how adorable are those sunglasses? Even Sanders is a huge fan of the fun, updated aviator shape. She also posted an Insta rocking them a few weeks ago.

They're so wearable, right?

Tidal Wave sunglasses, $25,

Unfortunately Jenner's exact pair (as far as I can tell from one Instagram shot) is currently sold out. While we're waiting for them to come back in stock, there's a million other adorable options on the Sorella website.

Retro Vibes sunglasses, $25,

Love these lighter mirrored shades, which are a close match to Jenner's.

Shiba sunglasses, $25,

I'm digging the ombre-style lenses on this darker pair.

Tidal Wave sunglasses, $25,

A little out there, but these purple sunglasses are so fun.

Retro Vibes sunglasses, $25,

I love how bright this fun coral pair is, and Sanders clearly agrees considering she wears them as well.

See? Celebrities are just like us. Well not really, but I do think it's super sweet to see Jenner supporting her friend's business. And with sunglasses this cute, I don't blame her.

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