Shop Kendall Jenner's Off-The-Shoulder Dress

by Eliza Florendo

Kendall Jenner really just doesn't stop, does she? Just earlier today, Kendall and Kylie's pieces from their new collection was released. Also today, people were wondering where Kendall Jenner's off-the-shoulder dress in that gorgeous mustard color is from. Luckily, there's an answer.

Kenny (we're on a first name basis now) is so big in the fashion world, her influence is pretty insane. Like, Cady Heron status. As in, when people see her wear something super cute, they work hard to find it. After all, if one of fashion's It girls are rocking a particular piece, it's bound to sell out in just a few days. This girl has been in the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, and more. She's got a freaking billboard in the middle of Soho, for god's sake! Not to mention all those fashion week runways she's got to walk. I'll admit, a piece of me died of jealousy when I saw her in the Chanel show. Not. Fair.

So when Kendall posted a photo this morning of her walking the streets of Barcelona in a gorgeous, rust/mustard colored dress, Instagram commenters went kind of insane. Paired with strappy heels and a gorgeous backdrop, it was the perfect effortlessly chic look I'm always trying to go for (and rarely accomplish). I mean, it's kind of hard to not look good in something when you're a super model. But still.

So where can you get this dress from? Mango of course! Jenner is actually working as the face of Mango, so it only made sense that she was beautifully clad in it. Jenner also paired it with a simple black choker, adding just the right amount of edge to her whole look.

1. The Dress

Mango Flowy Dress, $69.99,

Hello, I'm smitten by this color.

2. A Brighter Hue

alice + olivia Shari Off Shoulder Dress, $368,

Just think of how breezy this dress will feel in the summertime.

3. Patterned Beauty

re:named Red Petals Off Shoulder Dress, $60,

If this isn't the cutest thing you've seen, I don't know what to say.

4. For Ruffle Fans

Sister Jane Floral Print Frill Off Shoulder Dress With Drop Waist, $101,

If you're into the boho, prairie type look.

5. Long Sleeves

Madame Couture Off Shoulder Dress, $87,

Love the '70s vibe I'm getting from this playful number.

6. Formal Wear

Little Mistress Plus Off Shoulder Midi Embellished Prom Dress, $117,

For when you need to get a little fancy.

7. A Little Fringe

Burgundy Plus Size Trendy Fitted Off The Shoulder Jersey Knit Fringed Hem Party Dress, $59.99,

A little fringe never hurt anybody.

8. Empire

Rachel Pally x Revolve Off The Shoulder Empire Dress, $207,

I'm picturing beach, cocktail in hand, and sun my eyes in this dress.

9. The Maxi

Neon Orange Short Sleeve Off Shoulder Look Stretchy Maxi Dress, $33.99,

Perfect for a summer night with just a bit of a breeze.

Major thank you to Kendall, who basically gave me my uniform all summer long: A breezy, statement dress that'll definitely turn heads.

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