Donald Trump Supporters & Protesters Feud Again At The Republican's Fundraiser — VIDEO

Where GOP candidate Donald Trump goes, fans and non-fans alike follow. So the front-runner Republican presidential hopeful couldn't have thought that a last-minute decision to play hooky from Thursday night's GOP debate would help him escape the company of at least a few folks who just don't want to see him in the White House. Fortunately for Trump, his supporters are almost enthusiastic as their favorite candidate himself. So when Trump protesters showed up to his fundraising event in Iowa, all the man had to do was watch his audience shut them down.

The confrontation didn't exactly get ugly, but it sure got loud. As Trump began part of his speech in Iowa, the candidate was only able to squeeze out a short and sweet "Two years ago..." before being cut off by hecklers in the audience. The front-runner questioned the interrupters, whose exact statements can't be made out, and gave one of his standard judgmental glances.

That was all Trump had to do, though. The protestors in the audience may have thought they could up the volume on some Trump bad-mouthing, but the Trump advocates in the room were committed to having none of that.

The majority of the people at the Drake University event started loud and proud, repeatedly chanting "Trump" until the protestors' voices were entirely drowned out.

And what were the first words to come out of Trump's mouth once his advocates had put to bed the heckling? "It really is too crazy..." the candidate said to his audience at the fundraising event for veterans. So true, Trump. And the crazy didn't end there. A second round of protestors took their opportunity soon after the first batch to call out Trump for being pro-war.

The crew shouted, "We love veterans, Trump loves war," while holding up a banner displaying the same slogan. And in Trump style, the group of protestors were speedily escorted out of the event.

On most occasions, Trump has been pretty willing to personally go after those who attempt to disrupt the presidential candidate's events and rallies. Most recently, at a Jan. 24 campaign rally in Iowa, while a Sikh protestor was being removed from the room by a security guard, Trump asked the crowd, "He wasn't wearing one of those hats, was he?" in reference to the man's turban. The rally attendees helped out with a "Trump!" chant then, too.

At the in-place-of-debate fundraiser, though, it seems Trump's supporters didn't want him to have to lift so much as a finger in the face of haters. They were more than ready to do all the work for him.