Your Favorite 'Totally Spies!" Character Still Says A Lot About Your Personality

I know you’re never satiated with resurrecting the relics of your childhood, so I have some intriguing news for you. Just in case you were tragically unaware, Totally Spies is now on Netflix. Oh, come on, you remember Totally Spies! The show that bled into the early 2000s had a lot of girl power and valley talk to keep me personally entertained on boring visits to my grandparents' house. And now that I can finally watch it proper (i.e. marathon watch like crazy), we can revisit the timeless question of “Who’s your favorite character from Totally Spies ”?

In terms of #SquadGoals, the teen Beverly Hills secret agents were no Powerpuffs or Sailor Scouts, but it was light entertainment when you couldn’t get a Powerpuff Girls and/or Sailor Moon fix. Actually, Totally Spies had sort of the best of both world,s with their color coded trio and mock-anime styling. Throw in shades of Clueless and Charlie’s Angels, and it was a fun little show that was more than welcome on my TV set. So, who do like best? Boy-crazy Clover? Sharp as a tack Sam? Alex, who... well, we love Alex? Or someone else?

Scroll down below and see what your favorite Totally Spies character says about you.



You're so pretty and have a good heart deep down buuuuut... you're kind of a lot to handle. I mean, granted, you go to the club with your friends, and you're the most popular girl there, but four Stoli shots in and the night is over. You're making out with some creep, and your friends have to pull you the hell out of there, because you get club-rescued time and time again. You're grateful that your friends don't make fun of you whenever you counter with "But he really seems like he could be THE ONE," and even more grateful that they hold your hair back when you get sick out of the Uber window. You beautiful disaster, you.


You're a smart cookie, and probably the most capable adult of your immediate friends group. Which isn't necessarily hard... one of them sells hand bags for a living, and the other is hanging out with weirdos in clubs every night. Having a stable job that you think is aggressively fine is enough to come out on top. Subsequently, you're sort of the de facto leader and mother hen of your inner circle, the voice of reason while everyone's out trying to "find themselves." It's kind of nice.


Your favorite Plastic is Gretchen Weiners... no wait, Karen... no, Gretchen... well, it's definitely not Regina. You can be a bit simple at times, and may find yourself in some cringeworthy situations that could've been resolved by reading ("Oooooh, that door says pull"). You know what, though? Your absentmindedness a part of your charm, and it's a huge reason why your friends find you so gosh darn adorable.


You do not care one bit if you interrupt your friends lives all the time with your incessant texting; if you need them, they have to put whatever they're doing on pause. Truth is, you love technology, and you always have an array of iGadgets in your arsenal, not to mention a knowledge of every single life-changing app that's out there. Or you have a thing for bossy graying men in suits, which is great, also. You do you.


You can be a little — how do we I this — abrasive, and competitive to a fault, but it's how you usually get what you want. You rule your workspace with an iron fist, because it's far better to be feared than to be loved, and you may or may not have bribed your way to the top of your field. All I'm saying is that a giant cake from Magnolia Bakery was involved after your last interview. Who can even afford a cake from Magnolia?! Well, you can, apparently, but it's not your money so much as it's your ferocious drive and almost masterful manipulation skills that make you such a queen.

See? Even now that Totally Spies! is old enough to merit a flush of nostalgia when you see it on Netflix, your favorite character says everything about you. But no matter who your favorite is, the truth is that you're just awesome, and you and your friends are the kind of squad Taylor Swift wishes she could get into.

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