This Kate Middleton Video Will Make Your Day

Kate Middleton, she of the glossy hair, she of the GPOY admiration of Idris Elba, she of the most hyped up wedding of recent memory, has — gasp! — not spent her whole life in some locked tower prepping to be the British Jackie O. No, she lived her life out in the open and was even a child at one point, an era in which she happened to appear in school play, as many children are wont to do at some point, even if they are going to wind up married to royalty one day. And now there's video of Middleton as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady . And it is delightful.

The production in question took place at the St. Andrews School in 1993, and of course she had the starring role, she's Kate Middleton.

Her Eliza Doolittle is more poised and on-point than literally any footage or even still photo that exists of me from when I was 11, and it appears that the ravages of puberty seemed to skip over Middleton entirely, but that's just the kind of injustice we've all come to expect from the duchess, so what can ya do? There's really nothing to do but watch.