'Downton Abbey's Mary & Edith Get Along IRL

Fans of Downton Abbey know how much Lady Mary and Lady Edith don't get along. They have a love-hate relationship, which is basically Mary scoffing at and rolling her eyes at Edith, while Edith just shrugs it off and goes about her life. Well, unlike the Crawley sisters, the same can't be said for the actors who portray the characters from the beloved period drama. Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael act like sisters in real life, believe it or not.

That's right, the Downton Abbey stars actually get along, laugh with one another, have a strong bond, and hang out like most sisters do. Clearly, both Mary and Edith could learn a thing or two from their portrayers. Here's hoping the final season brings the two closer together or that they can find some kind of resolution within their strained sisterhood. If not, maybe Edith will finally put Mary in her place, because, I, for one, am so over Mary's disdain for her sister.

If not, I guess I'll just have to pretend that Dockery and Carmichael are really Mary and Edith. How else will my hope for the Downton Abbey characters to finally become the sisters they should be come true? Whatever the case, I'm grateful that Dockery and Carmichael are super tight in real life. I can't really complain about that, now can I?

With that, let's check out all those times the actors were the sisters Mary and Edith should be.

1. When They Chilled With Champagne

Can you see Mary and Edith doing this? Definitely not.

2. When Channeled Mary & Edith

This is just perfection.

3. When They Played Dress Up

They never looked so good.

4. When They Had Fun

They even travel together. They really are the best.

5. When They Celebrated Birthdays

How come Mary can't celebrate Edith like this?

6. When They Acted All Cool

Their shades are on point.

7. When They Freaked Out Over P. Diddy

Now this is amazing.

8. When They Went To The Golden Globes

Get it, ladies.

9. When They Posed Like Models

Seriously, how fun are they?

10. When They Got Goofy On Set

Daisy, Mary, and Edith like you've never seen them before.

11. When Michelle Called Laura Her Sister

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While chatting with MailOnline in November 2015, Dockery discussed her growing friendship with Carmichael. "Laura and I are both from a family of three sisters," she said. "She’s the middle and I’m the youngest, so there was kind of an instant sisterhood when we first met." She added, "We’ve grown up together in a way. I mean it’s been six years. I was 27 when I started the show, and we bonded very, very quickly. And also Laura and I have a lot of fun with the characters."

Whether or not Mary and Edith start acting like loving sisters, at least Downton Abbey fans have Dockery and Carmichael's real-life sisterhood to enjoy.