This Guy Eats Pizza For A Living

Among the many things I wish for myself, finding a way to eat all the pizza I want and travel the world is on the top of the list. Upon ingesting my morning cup o' links, I came across the Instagram of an ingenuous young man named Phil Duncan who eats pizza for a living. I had to reload the page a few times to make sure I wasn't still asleep, doing that thing where I'm lucid dreaming about eating a thin crust in Peru on a Tuesday or a deep dish in Denmark at dawn. No, no, it was still Thursday morning, I was still in Brooklyn and pizza-less. It's true, Phil Duncan is the real deal, and according to his Instagram, he's currently pizza-ing in Seattle, via Liverpool.

Also found on Phil's Instagram, a profile of sheer poetry; "Pizza // Travel" it reads. It's so simple, it's so beautiful, and it's so seemingly too good to be true. So far, Phil has traveled to 30 countries across five continents and chronicled his adventures on his blog, appropriately titled Travel-Slice. Phil, might I add, is an incredibly fit and an attractive dude — his arms are wrapped in muscles and his washboard abs are not the kinds of abs you'd associate with someone who eats pizza all day, every day.

And, he's actually keeping a pretty detailed and informative food log on his blog. Sure, his trip is about traveling and seeing the world, and sure he's spending a lot of his time looking for pizza, but I still think it's incredibly admirable to pick a focus and follow it through, especially if it takes you around the world and gives you that horizon-expanding education... even if all you learn in the end is which country makes the best pizza. But by the looks of his photos, he's learning about a lot more than pizza.

I'm getting full just looking at his pictures. I'm sufficiently jealous and also incredibly impressed with how modest this dude is. He's not interested in any of the attention his babe-status and travel goals are bringing him. He's not out giving interviews and trying to get followers, he's just living his life, one slice at a time. Check out his Instagram here.