11 Times In "HFTW" When India Steals The Show

I can't believe I'm saying this about a video that also features Beyoncé, but did you see Coldplay's new music video for "Hymn For The Weekend?" India completely steals the show! And, no, I'm not talking about Chris Hemsworth's daughter India Rose, although good guess — I am a big fan of that family. I'm talking about India the country, the the setting for the "HFTW" video, and the fact that I fell hopelessly, helplessly, head over heels in love with it after watching the video just one time. To quote the immortal Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there." The images are so striking that I didn't even really register the music in the background at first; now that I've been through it a few more times, I can report that I like the song, but I love the video.

The video was released on Jan. 28, which is officially the day I put India on my bucket list of places to go before I die, and was produced by Black Dog Films with River Studios, and directed by Ben Mor, both of whom I'm giving a standing ovation right now. I don't usually get too caught up in the production elements of these shoots, but the colors and the textures and the sweeping landscapes were too much for me to ignore this time. Not even Chris Martin adorably crooning out the window of a car could distract me from them. Nor was he supposed to, I don't think, because he seemed just as enthralled as I was by the scenery around him. As well he should be, you guys, because look at this magic. Here are the 11 times that India completely stole the show in the new video for "Hymn For The Weekend."

1. This Beautiful White Bird

2. This Impossible Shot

3. The Colors

4. The Overlapping Textures Of The Buildings

5. The Intricacy Of The Carvings

6. Pure Joy

7. Everything About This

8. The Feeling Of Intimacy Here

9. This Angle! The Color Saturation!

10. I'm Dead

11. It's All Too Much

I feel so over-stimulated, but in the best possible way. And I want you to join me in that, so here's the video in full, for all your drooling-over needs. Warning: will induce immediate desire to purchase a plane ticket, so watch at your bank account's own risk.

Images: ColdplayOfficial/YouTube (12)