This Legendary King Might Come Back To The Movies

There are some stories that are destined to be adapted by Hollywood in franchise-seeking waves for, well, probably the entire duration of Hollywood as a system. It's somewhat fitting that one of these such stories is the tale of King Arthur, that legendary British ruler whose mythology includes tales of resurrection and triumphant return. It seems Hollywood's particularly interested in making that last theme work in their favor right now, and Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie might be eyeing Arthur's return all for himself.

Warner Bros., according to Empire, has been searching for a way to bring the King Arthur legend back in a manner which will open itself up to franchises, sequels, and lots and lots of money. Ritchie — who took a shot at developing Arthur once back in 2010, though that obviously did not pan out — seems to fit pretty darn well into Warner Bros. plan, because the King Arthur story he's dying to tell apparently spans six feature films of the fantasy genre. Sounds like some serious Peter Jackson action to me.

All I can say is that if he hasn't already Ritchie should take a few days and sit down and watch BBC's Merlin , which is no longer on the air but whose ludicrous camp levels and futzing with canon made it memorable enough; coupled with its truly heartwrenching ending, though, it was a pretty memorable adaptation. Given Ritchie's own history of camp with his adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, he might want to take a look.