Bill Cosby's Sweater Face-Off: The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Hey, world: This Bill Cosby sweater tournament is the best thing you'll see all day. The veteran actor, 75, famous for the extensive sweater collection frequently seen in The Cosby Show, has launched a March Madness-style bracket challenge on his website, where you and I can vote for our favorite sweaters worn by Cosby's iconic TV character, Cliff Huxtable, during the show's run. As the competition gets underway, sweaters will fight for the titles of "the crew," "the sweat," "the fleecy," "the warmest," and then, finally, "the champion stitch." Voters will be automatically entered to win an autographed copy of one of Cosby's books.

If you haven't already clicked on the link (and really, what's taken you so long?), there's still a day and a half left to vote before the next round starts. As for what sweater will be crowned the champion? Our money's on this guy.