Best. Valentine's. Gift. Ever.

by Teresa Newsome

Do you know and use words like 'aesthetic'? Is your Instagram as beautiful as you are? Do you curate the things you let into your home? Basically, do you have incredible taste? Well, if you're about that life (and even if you're not) listen up, because BloomThat and Glossier just solved Valentine's Day for you. No, seriously. I have something to tell you about that's so awesome, you'll slap your forehead and be like "OMG, why didn't anyone think of this before?" And there's a good chance that even if your Valentine does buy you one, you'll get another as a gift to yourself. Because you deserve it, you smart, gorgeous, funny, ambitious goddess, you. So, enough already. What is this magic?

Well. Some talented people over at BloomThat have just taken the flower game to the next level with a gift called "The Hug." Yes, you're literally getting or sending a hug, so just the name alone is a winner. Anyway, included in The Hug is, of course, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, but it also comes with Glossier's cult-favorite Balm Dotcom. Like I said: amazing.

The Hug, $50, Bloom That

Beautiful, fresh, curated, hand-assembled, locally sourced, blooms, and one of the most popular, fresh, luxurious, skincare products on the market? Your hands (or other parts, it's a universal skin salve) holding those blooms are bound to be the most impressive thing you post on social media for a while (or until your next epic, no-apologies, selfie, that is.). And all your friends are going to be super jelly. No, seriously. Have you seen how beauty bloggers go on about Glossier? And big brands love it, too. Teen Vogue called it a skincare game changer in 2015. Makeup artists use it to soothe and moisturize, but also to add a subtle glow to lips and cheeks in a pinch. And nail bloggers lean on it to get supple cuticles.

I mean, if you have any doubts that this is your #goals Valentine's gift, just check out the BloomThat Instagram. No, really, I'll wait...


These aren't your average flower bouquets. They're art. They're the product you'd design to send to yourself if you designed Valentine's Day products.

Most importantly, the team at BloomThat is dedicated to making your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. You can install their devastatingly stunning mobile app, or order online. And I don't use the term "devastatingly stunning" lightly. I downloaded it, and then just looked at it for longer than I'm comfortable admitting. Total eye candy.

And guess what? First-time customers can get a discount with the code IMNEWANDAWESOME. Just put it in the promo code box at checkout as a little thanks from BloomThat to you. Because they care. They're only taking pre-orders until February 7, or until they sell out, so jump on it.

Not sold on The Hug? Well, you can get the Glossier Balm Dotcom with The Kiss as well, another one of BloomThat's amazing bouquets.

Missed out? No worries. You can get other artsy blooms, available same-day in NYC and The San Francisco Bay area, and next-day in these areas:

And you can get Glossier Balm Dotcom straight from their website, as well.

Happy Valentine's Day, and congratulations to you for stumbling upon the perfect gift. No need to tell anyone that I helped.

Images: Courtesy BloomThat