8 Easy No-Fuss Gym Hairstyles In One Step

When it comes to gym hairstyles, the same-old same-old ponytail or bun can feel a little repetitive, especially if you're hitting the weights on the daily. Give your workout a little extra kick with an easy, cute one-step gym hairstyle to mix up your routine. It's all about variety, right?

The key to mastering a cute gym hairstyle is giving it a few practice runs. Once you've mastered the look, it's easy to pull it off in a half-second before running to your circuit training workout or Vinyasa yoga sesh. Keep adding to your workout hairstyle repertoire, and your fellow gym-goers will be amazed by the number of adorable, efficient styles you show up with.

More imporantly, though? These gym hairstyles will stay out of your way while you're crushing sets and taking names. There's nothing more annoying than feeling your hairstyle fall out of place in the middle of a sprint, and locks that just won't stay put can seriously kill your vibe and distract from your hard work.

These styles only require one step (not including a ponytail or bun as a starting point), so that boring old go-to style is about to get a serious upgrade. Now's the time to master these eight ideas — in general, skip the teasing and prep products for the easiest approach.

Chic Top Knot

This tutorial takes you through three great gym hairstyle ideas, but the super-easy 10 second topknot starts at 1:11. While securing your hair into a high ponytail, leave a long "tail" out instead of pulling the entire ponytail through the elastic. Wrap the remaining hair around the "bun" and secure with bobby pins.

Braided Fauxhawk Ponytail

For this style, French braid a rectangular section at the crown of your hair, and secure your hair into a ponytail once you reach the back of your head.

Side Braid Bun

This looks way harder than it is, promise. Create a loose side braid along the side of your head, and toss your hair up into a messy bun. This style's great if you've got side bangs that just will not quit when you're working out, too.

Pull-Through Ponytail

The easiest ponytail update ever. After pulling your hair into a low pony, separate the hair above the elastic into two sections and pull the ponytail through the gap for a twisted look.

Basic French Braid

If you don't know how to French braid (guilty), now's the time – a woven-back look can be a simple and effective gym style.

Fishtail Pony

Fishtail braids only look impossible — they're actually super easy, once you get the hang of 'em. Skipping the hair poof in this tutorial, tie your hair into a ponytail, weave your hair into the fishtail braid and secure at the other end. (You can also do this with a regular braid, too.)

French Braided Bun

Pulling your hair into a simple one-step bun after weaving in your underside French braid, as shown in the tutorial, keeps this look fun and low-maintenance (once you get that whole upside-down braiding thing on lock, of course.)

Classic Ponytail (With A Hack)

An oldie, but a goodie. Instead of just one ponytail, though, combine two on top of each other into one elastic — it'll give you extra volume and hold. Sweat doesn't stand a chance against this glam gym pony.

Image: YouTube