Heidi Klum Could Be Single Again

Looks like someone said "you're auf'd" (ugh, I'm sorry. I couldn't stop myself from typing it, and now my backspace key is jammed): Heidi Klum and boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kirsten have reportedly ended their relationship. According to People, Heidi Klum and her bodyguard beau called it quits a few weeks ago. The pair started dating after she and ex-husband Seal filed for divorce in 2012.

Will they continue their client-bodyguard relationship? A source tells People that no, “they are no longer working together.” This seems like a pretty reasonable decision. His job was to protect Klum from danger. A job that requires he be on his A-game at all times. Any weird tension could be problematic.

The source also said the two continue to have “a great friendship.” Given how dramatic her last split was (cheating allegations, rumors regarding Seal's temper, et cetera), I do hope Klum and Kirsten are able to maintain a great friendship/do what works for everyone in the situation. I genuinely want the best for Klum. Sending good vibes Kirsten's way, too, but I feel like Klum's my pal, ya know? My beautiful, hilarious, incredibly famous pal. I guess that's what happens when you spend many a Sunday afternoon watching Project Runway marathons (and yes, I also feel like I'm buddies with Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors). Always going to have a special place in my heart for Heidi Klum.