Shooting & Stabbing At Denver Coliseum Leaves People Wounded - REPORT

According to police, two people were shot and one person was stabbed near the Denver Coliseum on Saturday. The Associated Press says that one person was killed in the incident. There is no word on the other victims' conditions as of now, but a Denver NBC affiliate says that there is a lot of police presence at Denver Health Medical Center, where they're being treated. The Colorado Motorcycle Expo was being held in the area, but it is unclear if the victims were in any way involved with the event. No arrests have been made.

Although the much of the media has reported that there were two people shot (the Denver Police Department tweeted that there were "multiple shootings"), Denver Health tweeted that nine people were being transported to area hospitals. The hospital is on lockdown: "We are on lock down as a precaution. Ensuring the safety of all patients and visitors is our top priority," the hospital tweeted, following up to say that everyone in Denver Health is safe.

According to the Denver Post, a witness on the scene said that the incident started because of rival biker gangs. The paper said that the Colorado Motorcycle Expo was shut down and that police are on the scene escorting people out of the building. According to the Associated Press, police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez could not confirm if the attacks involved gangs. She added that multiple people were injured, but could not provide a specific number.

According to the event website, the Colorado Motorcycle Expo is "one of the largest motorcycle events in the country." A Denver ABC affiliate reports that a charity benefiting Biker Down was scheduled to take place at the time of the shooting. Biker Down, a nonprofit organization, was started by "a group of bikers, motorcycle dealers, and supporters to assist motorcycle accident victims who have been injured in an accident while riding responsibly."

The hospital has not released the identities of the victims. If, indeed, this was an incident of biker violence, it come on the heels of a high-profile shootout at a Waco, Texas Twin Peaks in May 2015. The Bandidos and the Cossacks allegedly had a tussle at the spot, which involved police and left multiple people dead. The investigation into that case is still ongoing.