Kate Winslet Champions Leonardo DiCaprio On 2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet & It's Adorable

It's no secret that countless fans all over the world are going to be seriously angry if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't finally win an Oscar when the ceremony rolls around on Feb. 28. But, one of the sweetest moments on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet was when Kate Winslet expressed her support for DiCaprio during her interview with Giuliana Rancic. Rancic pointed out that Winslet seemed genuinely shocked when she won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes earlier this month. Winslet explained that it was because, "I've been so focused on Leo and him winning everything" and it's too cute that she basically forgot about her own nomination because she was so busy rooting for her old friend.

These two go way back — they won the hearts of teen girls everywhere when Titanic released in 1997. In 2009, they reunited on the big screen to play a married couple in Revolutionary Road. That relationship was doomed in an entirely different way than poor Jack and Rose's, but the movie was amazing and proved that their onscreen chemistry is the real deal. If DiCaprio brings home the Oscar for The Revenant, we can be assured that no one will cheer longer or louder than Winslet.

Even though they're nominated for different films, DiCaprio and Winslet will be seated at the same table at the Screen Actors Guild Awards — proving that "I'll never let go" still applies nearly twenty years later. In news that will shock no one, Twitter went wild over Winslet's sweet words about her friend and co-star:

Their onscreen relationships have historically been doomed, but this friendship will never stop being adorable.