The Most Instagrammed City In The World Is...

When you post travel photos on Instagram, you're probably not really thinking about what it signifies, other than that's a really pretty sunset that you're sharing. But it turns out that you can actually learn a lot about the world's top destinations by analyzing people's vacation photos. Travel booking site Hoppa recently did just that, and is now giving us all kinds of new insight into our social media-inspired travels — including which city is the most Instagrammed city in the world.

According to Yahoo, the researchers over at Hoppa first narrowed down the top 50 most traveled to tourist destinations. They then examined 1,000 photos per location, and sorted them into various categories, such as food, selfies, scenery, etc. Their investigation uncovered a bunch of interesting facts about how Instagram reflects the world's travel habits over all.

Case in point? Per Hoppa's findings, the most Instagrammed city in the entire world is (drumroll, please!)…. New York City, with a whopping 52 million pictures posted to the forum. London came in at No. 2 with 47 million Instagrams, followed by Paris (41 million Instagrams), Dubai (37 million), and Los Angeles (27 million).

But just because New York City was the most widely photographed city doesn't mean it was the most "liked" destination on Instagram. That distinction goes to Los Angeles, which also just happens to be the No. 1 destination with the most sexually suggestive selfies. Coincidence? Maybe...

Unsurprisingly, Paris is the top destination for Instagram couples, followed by Milan, Madrid, Venice, and Vienna.

As for food photos, Phuket, Thailand's cuisine reigned supreme as the most Instagrammed, followed by Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Pattaya.

The findings are a fun reminder of just how much vacations can live on through social media, as well as how informative our photos can actually be. They may even help you narrow down your choices when deciding your next destination. Want a tan and a lot of likes? L.A. is clearly the place for you.

Check out Hoppa's full infographic here for other interesting Instagram and travel insights.

Image: Giphy