How To Clean The White Marks Off Your Hunter Boots

by Jessica Thomas

If you live in a place where it snows regularly during the winter, you know the pain of trekking through the white stuff. However, it gets worse when the snow starts melting and you're left with giant piles of slush and puddles. In those cases, nothing works better for keeping your feet dry than a pair of rubber boots like Hunters. However, after awhile, the boots can develop a white film that, while annoying, is completely normal. Here's how to clean the white marks off your Hunter boots and have them looking brand new.

After wearing my pair of classic black knee-high hunter boots for a few months, I started noticing that they were developing a white film that made them look cloudy and dirty. My boots were previously glossy and black, so I wanted to get them back to the way that they originally came. After all, when I'm wearing a pair of boots almost every day, I want them to look great.

I turned to the experts of YouTube to figure out the solution to my problem, and it turns out it's super simple. You start by washing your boots with warm water and soap, then polish them using an oil. There's two ways to do it.

Hunter Boot Shine

If you want to go straight to the source, pick up a bottle of Hunter Boot Shine. You can buy it directly from the website for $7. Although the vlogger here uses a different version of the product, this is the latest one available from Hunter. It'll work perfectly at removing the bloom.

Hunter Boot Shine, $7, Hunter Boots

Olive Oil

If, (like me) you're lazy and impatient, this is another foolproof way to remove the bloom from your boots, and it's easier than ordering something online. I mean, who doesn't have a bottle of olive oil lying around their house? It won't work quite as well as the boot shine, but as far as convenience goes, you can't beat this method.

Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $5, Target

Luckily, with a quick cleaning, your boots will look better than new in no time. My Hunters are some of my favorite functional shoes, and now they'll look brand new.

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Images: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy of Brands