Mario Lopez As Vince Fontaine In 'Grease Live!' Will Give You 'Saved By The Bell' Flashbacks

On Sunday night, Fox's Grease Live! took the audience back to Rydell High. And what's a trip back to high school without some teen idols? Mario Lopez played radio announcer Vince Fontaine in Grease Live! and it was so fun to see him acting again. These days, Lopez is known for his work as a television personality and Extra host, but most' 90s kids know him as teen heartthrob A.C. Slater from Saved By The Bell. So somehow it seems fitting that he make an appeared in this old school teen classic.

In Grease Live!, Lopez plays Fontaine as the smarmy celeb radio announcer we all know and loathe who's judging the Rydell High dance contest. He turns on the charm as flirts with Marty (Keke Palmer), and tries to emphasize his youth, but Marty turns him down for being too old. A.C. Slater, he is not! To everyone else, Fontaine takes the stage with an impressive rhyme to introduce the National Dance Off, and later he introduces Joe Jonas with DNCE, and crowns the hand-jive champions. Throughout the Grease Live! telecast, Lopez has also acted as a regular announcing, introducing commercial breaks and offering commentary and trivia, so he was definitely still in host mode, but it's so awesome to see him as an actor once again.

I have to say, seeing Lopez in the halls of a high school once again gave me flashbacks. For a moment, I thought I was back in the '90s and watching Saved By The Bell's own dance contest at the Max, which Casey Kasem hosted back in the day. Because Lopez was never shy to break out his dance moves at Bayside, I was hoping he'd join Danny and Sandy on the dance floor. So far, though, Lopez hasn't broken out those moves at Rydell High — yet. There's still time.

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