Kenya's Back To Being The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Villain After Walking Off Cynthia's 'Mercial Shoot

Kenya has had quite a journey this season, from being the de factor ringleader of the group, organizing boat trips and Miami visits, to her emotionally affecting trip back home to Detroit. But after Kenya left Cynthia's commercial, she's ascended to her rightful place as the bad guy once again, first by taunting Kim, and then by leaving the group dinner and refusing to be a part of Cynthia's commercial whatsoever. And with the return of NeNe, Kenya has found herself without even her friendship with Cynthia, since it seems that NeNe is stepping between them. And Cynthia seems more than happy to let NeNe do so, since she straight up said she doesn't see Kenya as one of her best friends.

But confusing things even further, Cynthia did say that she considers Kenya one of her "closest" friends. It's honestly a little absurd that Cynthia is trying to pretend that she wasn't incredibly close to Kenya after a whole season of the two hanging out super close. But Kenya's reaction was very immature. First, she decided to attack Kim, calling her "boring" and mocking her at the meeting about who's going to direct the Cynthia Bailey Eyewear commercial, later saying that she would rather rip her eyes out or drive off a cliff than talk about it any more.

Kenya's had a lot of recent changes, from her new relationship, which she's taken public, to doing the opposite with her Instagram, looking to keep at least some things private. Meanwhile, Cynthia is still playing innocent, claiming that she never really said that Kenya was her "best friend." She may technically be right... but even though Kenya's reactions were classic reality TV villain moves, it was Cynthia's betrayal that was the most painful thing to watch.

In past weeks, Kenya was live-tweeting up a storm, with plenty to say about Tammy behavior, Porsha's refusal to apologize, Kandi's music video launch, and everything else that happened this season. But after this, arguably one of her most important episodes in the season, she's staying mostly silent. I guess she thinks that her behavior speaks for itself. It's certainly a return to a familiar version of Kenya — but last time she was this antagonistic, she wound up getting