Chanel's New Nail Polish Is Now A Gel

Oh Chanel, how we love thee. The coveted brand has expanded far beyond the classic tweed pieces and gorgeous quilted bags and into the realm of beauty. And now, the brand has gone one step further: Chanel gel nail polish is now a thing, according to Byrdie, which means that once you've put on a beautiful fresh coat, it won't chip off after just washing the dishes once.

I'm going to take a second to rant here — Just why does nail polish chip off so easily? All it takes is touching something, and it already begins to peel. Sigh. Even if you put more than two coats of top coat, it never seems to stick. With the advent of gel nail polish, it seemed like all our prayers were answered. You mean this will last weeks without chipping? Hell yeah.

The one downside to gel nails is having to go into the salon to get them done. But when there's a demand, there's also a supply. The ultimate game changer came in the form of gel nail polish that you could actually do yourself at home. And now, one of fashion's most iconic institutions has answered our polish prayers.

Byrdie reports that in March, Chanel will be unveiling it's first line of gel-like polishes, which is "an update on the brand's classic Le Vernis." The trick is to paint it on with Chanel's Le Gel, their new topcoat, to make your fresh mani last for an entire week. *Insert praying hands emoji here.* Check out a few of the colors, below.

1. A Bold Color

Chanel Le Vernis Pirate, $28, Nordstrom

The perfect red color that matches everything.

2. Deep, Deep Blue

Chanel Le Vernis Marinière, $28, N ordstrom

This classic hue will always remind me of Chanel.

3. The Neutral

Chanel Le Vernis Particulière, $28, N ordstrom

Because what's better than a neutral?

Don't fret, though — Even though New Le Vernis won't be coming out until March, you can actually preorder the polishes right this very moment. Head to Chanel or Nordstrom's website to get your order on. There are currently 16 hues, so take your pick wisely. Or, if you're excessive like me, order them all! Your finger nails will thank you.