Don't Be Sad, Ariana

by Lia Beck

Ariana Grande did not have a good start to her Grammy night. On Sunday, Ariana Grande broke down in tears while walking the red carpet after becoming overwhelmed due to pushy paparazzi and mean Twitter messages. Grande tends to have a skeptical or worried look on her face when photographed and maybe this explains why — she's just scared.

According to sources that spoke with E! Online, Grande went on Twitter before walking the red carpet and tweets she saw psyched her out. "She's still not completely comfortable on carpets and she made the mistake of looking at Twitter. This blogger attacked her dress but also went after her hair and then more people started piling on. It was just mean. Ariana was like, 'Why am I even here?'"

Other websites claim that Grande was distraught because of red carpet photographers. The Mirror writes that fans who saw what went down first hand took to Twitter to explain the situation. One fan wrote,

I first hand watched what happened. Ariana was happy and she went with the best confidence on the red carpet. She was doing good at first, but then the paps yelled really loud all wanting her to look at them. She can't listen to all of them at once and they kept ordering her around. She made one mistake by moving left a bit too quick and when she tried to move back she tripped. Eventually she got flustered and upset.

It could have been Twitter, it could have been the paparazzi, or it could have been both, but either way it seems clear that Ariana Grande is feeling a lot of pressure with her new fame. If she really did read Twitter before making her appearance, I'm sure she learned from that mistake fast. Never, ever, ever do that. I'm surprised so many celebrities even have Twitter. I mean, do they want to read mean stuff from crazies? Also, photographers yelling at you does sound very overwhelming, so maybe she should bring a friend along next time. They can pose and trip and laugh about it together.

And for that blogger that "attacked" her dress, Grande has a response,

Ah, coming up with her own appropriate, yet pointed, Twitter responses. This one's catching on already.