7 Quick Hairstyles For Long Hair

One of the perks of having long hair is all the insanely cool styling possibilities — but there's that one obnoxious downside. Styling takes time, which most of us don't always have a lot of to spare. Luckily, there are plenty of quick hairstyles for long hair that won't require you to wake up an hour earlier, but are still cute enough to look like you put effort into your hairstyle. Saggy ponytail, no more!

I've always had long hair, and as amazing as intricate, picture perfect curls look, I'm not about spending more than ten minutes max on my hair. I just don't have the time or patience, and besides, if it's the morning, sleep will always come before my hair. Truth.

But you don't necessarily have to plug in a curling iron and learn how to quadruple braid to make your hair look styled and polished. Honestly, a messy bun is totally chic if you just learn how to do it the right way. I've rounded up seven hairstyles for long hair that will take you minutes (or even seconds) to do, but will look like you spent a little bit more time on them than you actually did. Fake outs for the win!

1. Side Bun

If you want something a little bit more polished than a messy bun, try a side bun. It's elegant, and takes three minutes to do.

2. Faux Braid

This looks like a boho fishtail, which can take way more time and patience, but it's actually a faux braid that comes together in 60 seconds.

3. Ponytail

If you're inclined to throw your hair in a pony and run out the door, this tutorial will show you three different ways to make your basic ponytail a little more exciting, even when you're running late.

4. Half Top Knot

Instead of hiding all of your hair in a bun on top of your head, do a half top knot. It only takes a few seconds, but looks a little more exciting than your basic ballerina bun.

5. Headband Braid

It's quick, easy, and way more impressive than wearing an actual headband.

6. Five Minute Curls

Think plugging in a curling iron is synonymous with spending an hour in front of the mirror? Nope! This tutorial's got you covered with gorgeous curls in five minutes.

7. Accent Braids

You don't have to style your whole head, just spare an extra minute to braid in an accent braid to make wearing your hair down look a little more done.

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