20 Galentine's Day Cards For All Your Best Ladies

by Corinne Caputo

The time has come once again to be a lady celebrating other ladies. Of course, I am talking about Galentine's Day, the wonderful holiday dreamed up by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. These Galentine's Day cards are pretty self-explanatory, but if you are unfamiliar with the holiday, Galentine's Day is the day before Valentine's Day when you go to brunch with all of your best girl friends and just celebrate each other. Maybe you exchange gifts, maybe you just catch up over mimosas, maybe you just hang out and watch TV. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you forget the dudes and celebrate your favorite female friendships.

Galentine's Day is sweet, and the perfect excuse to remind your best friend that you love her. And if Leslie Knope endorses it, then you know you have to too. Personally, I have some pretty great friends scattered around the world, and we won't be able to celebrate the holiday together, but that's where the magic of mail comes in. Through the power of boxes, stamps, and government employees, I can send my love letters to my BFFs this Galentine's Day. Check on the cards below and send them to your very best gal pals. And remember, ovaries before brovaries.

1. Uteruses Before Duderuses

Galentine's Day is the time to remind each other that ovaries come before brovaries, always.

Uteruses Before Duderuses card, $4,

2. Land Mermaid

It's unlikely you can come up with compliments as wonderful as Leslie Knope. Leave it to the pro with this card.

Land Mermaid card, $5.14,

3. Galentine's Day

Pass these out to all your favorite gals.

Galentine's Day card, $4.50,

4. Small Gang

Doesn't it sometimes feel like you are way more than just friends?

Small Gang card, $5.95,

5. Be My Galentine

Make a gal's day with this sweet ask.

Be My Galentine card, $4,

6. Favorite Galentine

It's never too late to say you are my favorite galentine.

Favorite Galentine card, $4.50,

7. Cyberstalk Celebrities

You're not best friends if you don't cyberstalk the same celebs.

Cyberstalk Celebrities card, $4.50,

8. Treat Yo Self

It's the perfect time of year to treat yourself.

Treat Yo Self card, $5.50,

9. Leslie to my Ann

They're the two best friends anyone's ever had.

Leslie to my Ann card, $5.50,

10. Single Ladies

Remember that the day after Valentine's Day is the perfect day to buy cheap candy.

Single Ladies card, $4.50,

11. Sophisticated Newborn Baby

Is your friend so wonderful it hurts? Try complimenting her with this lovely message from Leslie Knope.

Sophisticated Newborn Baby card, $4,

12. Ladies Celebrating Ladies

Galentine's Day is all about celebrating other women who are doing awesome things. Let your favorite gal pals know you love them!

Ladies Celebrating Ladies card, $4.50,

13. Priceless

Remind your best friend that she is priceless.

Priceless card, $4.50,

14. Friends. Waffles. Work.

It doesn't matter the order, as long as work is last.

Friends. Waffles. Work. card, $4,

15. Best Bunnies

This card is almost as adorable as your friendship.

Best Bunnies, $4.50,

16. BFFF

Sometimes "friends forever" just isn't enough.

BFFF card, $4,

17. My Gal

Hey, don't you ever forget.

My Gal card, $4.50,

18. Ilana to my Abbi

You and your BFF are the dream team.

Illana to my Abbim card, $5,

19. Cat Ladies Unite

Galentine's Day is about more than celebrating ladies, it's about celebrating cats.

Cat Lady card, $4.50,

20. A Friend Like You

Best friendships are like narwhals — rare.

A Friend Like You, $4.50,

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