Bizarro Isn't Just Kara's Evil Twin On 'Supergirl'

by Molly Freeman

So far, Supergirl has faced off against some pretty frightening villains. There was Toyman — who turned out to be Winn's for-real sociopathic father — a shape-shifting White Martian, and, of course, her Aunt Astra, who proved to be an emotional foe for Kara. Now, Supergirl is getting a bizarre, Frankenstein's monster/evil twin antagonist to face off against. But, who is Bizarro on Supergirl and will she be 100 percent evil?

In DC Comics, the villain simply named Bizarro actually refers to an evil version of Superman, whereas Bizarro-Girl is the comic book villain that will be arriving on Supergirl (because of course). But, since the show is leaning into establishing Kara as her own hero who doesn't need Superman's help, the villain will simply be called Bizarro — good on you, Supergirl writers. In the comics, Bizarro was engineered as a clone of Superman while Bizarro-Girl was an alien from the planet Bizarro World. In terms of powers, Bizarro-Girl is the opposite of Supergirl in many ways; she has freeze vision and flame breath instead of Supergirl's heat vision and freeze breath. But, Bizarro-Girl also has a lot of the same powers, like flying, superhuman strength, and invulnerability.

So what does that all mean for Supergirl's Bizarro? Since we've seen Bizarro already as the brain trauma victim Jane Doe held in Maxwell Lord's Lord Technologies, I think it's safe to say she's more along the lines of an engineered villain rather than an alien foe. Additionally, the official episode synopsis from CBS reveals she's the mirror image of Supergirl: "Kara faces off against her mirror image when Bizarro (Hope Lauren), a twisted version of Supergirl, sets out to destroy her." But, as Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly, Bizarro isn't just a mindless evil twin to Kara:

The biggest thing about it that was a surprise for us as we constructed the character and the arc was how sad Bizarro is. In a way, we sort of think about her like Frankenstein[’s monster]. She’s a monster, but she has a pure child’s heart. Ironically, in the episode, while everyone else is saying, ‘We have to figure out a way to destroy her,’ Kara is the only one saying, ‘No, no, no, we have to save her.’ That makes the episode so emblematic of what’s so special about Kara. She’s looking to save everybody, even if they’re the bad guy.

Of course, Bizarro does have a lot in common with Frankenstein's Monster, which makes Maxwell Lord Dr. Victor Frankenstein himself — an easy comparison to see when he calls Bizarro his "most perfect creation" in a preview clip from the episode.

So, it sounds like we're in for another emotional episode of Supergirl with the official introduction of Bizarro — both in terms of Kara dealing with Lord's monster as well as how Bizarro reconciles her pure heart with attempting to kill Supergirl. Could Bizarro be the best Supergirl villain yet? I can't say for sure, but I have a good feeling about it.

Image: CBS