Disney Features Its First Ever Same-Sex Couple

by Allie Healy

Who's at the door? Disney Channel's newest couple — Susan and Cheryl. The same-sex couple on Good Luck Charlie made television history this week by being the first non-heterosexual pair to appear on a kid-friendly television network.

On the show's January 26 episode "Down a Tree", the women are wittily introduced through a quick argument between Charlie's parents, Bob and Amy, before the couple appears on screen. Bob and Amy take part in a classic parental debate on the name of Taylor's mom, but all is settled when Charlie's playmate arrives accompanied by not just one, but two moms — one being Desi Lydic of MTV's coming-of-age series Awkward.

Some parents and viewers of the show have been expressing their opposition for the new characters, especially the infamous group One Million Moms (you may know them from when they attempted to protest Ellen DeGeneres' JC Penney ad campaign). Others, including former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus, have been commending the network of supporting the LGBT community and challenging typical family models. As Disney should.

Unfortunately Good Luck Charlie airs its series finale on February 16, so the women won't get a lot of screen time. Hopefully other Disney Channel shows will follow the lead.