SJP's Entire Shoe Collection Is Here. Well?

We've been waiting with bated breath ever since the details about Sarah Jessica Parker's forthcoming line of shoes began to circulate. Now, the wait is — almost — over; you've just got wait until Feb 28 to buy the damn things at Nordstrome. The collaboration with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, has finally been revealed in full, meaning that women who are serious about footwear can now start formulating those wish lists.

The collection draws influence from Parker's childhood (think bows, flowers, and grosgrain ribbons) as well as her role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City , which ultimately secured her a place in fashion history. "Because I got to play that role, I wore a lot of shoes, and by default I learned an enormous amount. It's hard to — no pun intended — walk away from that," Parker told

While the line does have some odd styles (three words: suede flip flops) and occasionally feels a bit random (espadrilles alongside satin pumps), it largely succeeds in creating a well-rounded and classic selection that will please Bradshaw/Parker fans to no end. Until you can shop the full range at the end of next month, you can view the whole SJP shoes collection, priced between $195 and $495, over at British Vogue.

For now, here is a roundup of styles worth noting.

The "Bobbie"

The layers of grosgrain ribbon and mint green make for a surprisingly grown-up sandal, if a little Easter-y. SJP's childhood influences at work here.

The "Diana"

This is a pretty classic pump, but that diagonal buckle makes it something special by adding a good dose of much-needed quirk. A wear-anywhere shoe, but certainly not dull.

The "Etta"

The "Etta" looks a bit like a high-end version of something from the Payless special occasions collection, although the T-strap shoe has a nice line and the dusty rose color adds a bit of vintage elegance.

The "Jayne"

I can't lie, this is a 'mom' shoe if I've ever seen one. The suede platform, the metallic cross straps, the matronly silhouette. It's probably crazy comfortable, though, so maybe moms are on to something.

The "Pola"

You can really see the Manolo influences on this one, with the dramatically elongated toe and smaller heel. The bow makes it SJP's own and adds character. Definitely a hit.

The "Leslie"

There are several espadrilles featured in the collection, but the red version of the "Leslie" is the most successful. It references the '70s style but provides a glossy, modern update by way of the ribbons and bold color.

And, of course...

The "Carrie"

It wouldn't be an SJP shoe collection without a style named after Carrie. This pump would make its namesake proud, especially in purple (the other colors are black and nude). Like much of the styles, it has a vintage-turned-classic vibe with a T-strap and pointed toe.Overall, the SJP shoe line provides a wide range of classic-meets-quirky styles that could easily fit into many a wardrobe. I'm in.