How To Nail Kylie Jenner's Lazy Girl Outfit

by Sienna Fantozzi

Weekends are made for Netflix + chill, but I'm willing to bet your lounge outfit of choice isn't nearly as fierce as Kylie Jenner's pants-less weekend outfit that she Instagrammed, according to People. Oh yeah, it's basically as sexy as it sounds, and really easy to steal. So now it's time to upgrade your binge watching television outfit and make days spent on your couch a little less grungy.

Jenner is totally your average 18 year old and enjoys all the same activities we do, like lounging around on her couch on the weekends, only, she's not doing it in an oversized sweatshirt, dirty leggings, and a messy bun. Don't worry, we've all been there. (#Noshame.) Kylie seems to prefer a slightly sexier (and pants-less) approach to lounging, posting a snap to Instagram on Sunday showing herself laying on her couch wearing nothing but black socks, a black sweatshirt, and black underwear. But not just any old pair of granny panties — Moschino underwear. Because of course.

Maybe you wouldn't post it on social media, but you can probably agree that the struggle of wearing pants on the weekend is real, so Kylie's basically just demonstrating exactly how we all feel. And to be fair, the panties are high-waisted, so I mean, they're kind of more like boy shorts, which makes it a little more appropriate if you have guests over.

Netflix + chill goals.

Here's how to copy Kylie Jenner's super sexy lounge outfit.


Moschino; $58; Moschino

People are going to see your underwear, so it might as well be super stylish.


Moschino BoyShorts, $65, Asos

If underwear is a little too far for you, you can lounge in Moschino boy shorts.


Boyfriend Sweatshirt, $28, Asos

Is there anything more comfy for lounging than an oversized sweatshirt?


Sneaker Sock, $9, Asos

This time, your socks do need to actually match.

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Images: ASOS; Luisa Via Roma