Ashley Has Legit Awkward Moment at Film's Premiere

An awkward moment at the That Awkward Moment premiere? Hmm... how convenient. Ashley Tisdale had an awkward moment when she showed up to the That Awkward Moment premiere early. Who put you up to this, Tisdale? Who is the marketing genius that realized if awkward moments were to occur at That Awkward Moment screenings it would be free publicity gone wild? Did they tell you it started at seven when it really started at eight? Or was this truly an accident and they were just so confident that you would fall right into their trap of mentioning an "awkward moment" at some point during your appearance?

Ashley Tisdale arrived at the premiere and posed on the red carpet thinking everything was just fine. It was only after she entered the theater that she found out she was the first person to arrive. Tisdale tweeted a picture of the empty theater with the caption, "#Thatawkwardmoment when you're the first person at the premiere...."

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Tskdale, you snapped up the bait! This movie title is already designed for maximum Twitter coverage. It comes from a phrase people use online! Now celebrities are having awkward moments at That Awkward Moment premieres and before you know it this thing is gonna trickle down. People are going to go see That Awkward Moment and have more awkward, publicity-giving moments. I can see it now. "#thatawkwardmoment when you spill your popcorn at #ThatAwkwardMoment." Or, "#thatawkwardmoment when you step on someone's foot on the way to the bathroom at #ThatAwkwarkMoment." It could get worse. "#thatawkwardmoment when you realize you're tweeting about #awkwardmoments while viewing #ThatAwkwardMoment." Is that more than 140 characters? Who cares! This is going to spiral out of control until an internet black hole is created that swallows us all.

Don't follow Tisdale's lead! Save yourself. Don't have awkward moments at That Awkward Moment.