Veronica & Weevil Never Dated On 'Veronica Mars' & That's A Good Thing

Any fan of Veronica Mars will tell you that the show was far more noir than Nicholas Sparks, but press further and they will likely admit that romance was at least part of the reason why they tuned in. Yes, theorizing who really killed Lilly Kane took up most of our brain space when watching the CW series, but let's be real: it just wouldn't be Veronica Mars without a few love triangles and swoon-worthy monologues (looking at you, Logan "Our Love Was Epic" Echolls) to hold us over. Veronica Mars may have given us LoVe (or whatever the heck Piz/Veronica's couple name was, if you were so inclined) but there was once pairing that I was grateful never became a thing, and that was PCH-er Weevil and P.I. Veronica — even if fanfiction writers have other ideas. (They affectionately call the crack ship "WeeVer.")

It's true that if Veronica Mars was a different show, Weevil and Veronica would have been macking on one another before the end of Season 1. But while Veronica did get her own bad boy to smooch on, it wasn't Weevil. Instead, Weevil became Veronica's trusted, if often misguided ally. It wasn't long before their partnership led to a true friendship, and Weevil became one of the most loyal, ride-or-die friends in Veronica's life — and vice-versa.

In another show, Weevil may not have existed at all. After all, Logan certainly filled the "bad boy" quota, albeit his version of bad boy also drove a Benz and lived in a mansion. Weevil and Veronica's friendship proved the possibility that male/female friendships on teen shows could exist, even within the context of typical "romantic" pairings. Yet Weevil's role as a loyal friend did more than that: it gave Weevil a voice completely separate from Veronica's.

Weevil not being a love interest for Veronica gave him the ability to be more than just a point on a love triangle. Instead, he provided a world view of Neptune that few other characters could give us insight into. There was a profound level of respect between Veronica and Weevil, a respect that love interests like Logan didn't always receive, probably because Logan was often too busy busying himself with the likes of Kendall Casablancas to deserve it. In between the mansions and beach parties, we got to see Weevil's side of the tracks. There were troubled people who did bad things, but for the most part, Weevil and his peers were just trying to survive in a world who told them that they weren't important.

Is there a world where Veronica and Weevil could have been a couple? Sure — they certainly had the chemistry to spark a romance, had both of them wanted that. But had they, I would hope that Weevil's story would have been told in the same way. A romance is great, but what Veronica needed was an ally with the ability to give her perspective. Veronica didn't need someone she was constantly saving or was constantly saving her: she needed someone to tell her exactly how things really were. Despite their differences, Weevil was able to be a rock for Veronica where her love interests were not — and that gives Weevil an invaluable place in the Veronica Mars universe.

Images: Warner Bros Television; fuckyeahweevilandveronica/Tumblr (2)