This Working Mom Masterfully Shut Down A Troll

If you are a woman who has chosen to pursue both a career and being a mom, you likely don't need any reminders of what you might be missing when you aren't home (or in the office, for that matter) — you're already inherently aware, not to mention the fact it is no one's business. Yet, inexplicably, there exist people in the world who feel compelled to criticize working moms for their life choices. An Irish radio presenter recently found herself on the receiving end of said unsolicited advice — some nitwit felt the need to inform Susan Keogh she was wrong to have both a baby and a job. Her response, however? A plus. A brilliantly acerbic letter, it speaks to the heart of why men (or anyone else, for that matter) should never tell women what they should or shouldn't do.

Following the understandably irksome incident, Keogh took to Twitter to air her grievances, saying, "I was trolled earlier this week by a guy who thinks I shouldn't have a baby and a job. Here's what I think." Attached was a letter titled "Dear Brave Man." And, lest you worry Keogh might actually be paying her loose-lipped heckler a compliment, rest assured her response was as deservedly biting as it was measured. It obviously resounded with people, too, given it has been retweeted over 500 times and favorited 1,200 since Keogh first shared it.

In response to the widespread support, Keogh shared a sweet pic with her daughter and a simple message of gratitude.

And because what Keogh had to say was so fantastic it should be required reading for Twitter trolls the world over, let's celebrate a few of the brilliant points she makes.

1. Work Serves Purposes Outside of a Paycheck

As Keogh points out, women work for many reasons — a large one being that she genuinely enjoys her job and finds purpose in it. "It makes me happy and content," she says, "and as a result a better mom." Women, just like men, find fulfillment in their jobs. Yes, amazingly, we don't just exist to give life to the patriarchy's skewed gender tropes. We can have it all, and there's nothing wrong with wanting that for ourselves.

2. Women Aren't the Only Working Parents

Keogh reminds her nameless troll that although her husband misses moments at home with their 4 year old too, no one suggests that he should become a stay-at-home dad or is in the wrong for having a career. As the working mother of two, I can personally attest to how often this double standard rears its ugly head. (Hint: All. The. Time.)

3. Moms Make Sacrifices to Provide Better Futures for Their Kids

The work in and of itself isn't the sacrifice; the time away from our children is. Working women, just like stay-at-home moms, are driven to work hard to help give their children a better future and to afford the luxuries we may not have been able to enjoy growing up, like, for instance, going on a school ski trip.

4. Women Work Because That Is Their Choice

Women don't work because someone else thinks they should (or shouldn't). They do it because it is their choice and theirs alone. "I don't have a career to show her she can have one too," Keogh says of her daughter. "She can do what she pleases. And I guess that's why I do it. I want to show her that she can can make choices. I want her to be confident enough to make the right ones for her. I want her to choose happiness." Amen, Mama — AMEN.

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