13 Famous People You Didn't Realize Voiced Your Favorite Disney Characters

Growing up watching Disney animated movies, I never thought about the voice behind my beloved characters. In my mind, Simba was always a cartoon lion — there were no extensive recording sessions, animators, or even actors providing the voice. Of course, I eventually grew up and learned a little bit about so-called ~movie magic~, but that doesn't make it any less strange to consider that behind every talking frog and Disney princess, there is an actual human being who likely has very few frog-like tendencies in real life. What's even weirder? The fact that famous actors and actresses whom you may already adore have voiced some animated characters that you grew up with — and that you may have never realized it.

Obviously, Idina Menzel doesn't have to shoot icicles from her hands in order to take on the role of Elsa in Frozen, but she also doesn't have to don a platinum wig to embody the character, either. Voices can be just as iconic as visual representations, but because you can't actually see who is embodying these characters, it's often tough to remember which celeb voiced even your absolute favorite animated character. In fact, you may be super surprised by the actors who voiced some of your beloved cartoons — here are 13 actors you never realized voiced Disney animated characters.

1. Tony Goldwyn Voiced...

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tarzan In Tarzan

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President Fitz wasn't always so clean cut. Before he was the on again, off again love of Olivia Pope, Goldwyn voiced the titular jungle man in Disney's 1999 Tarzan.

2. Bea Miller Voiced...

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Molly In Toy Story 3

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The "Young Blood" singer was only a kid when she voiced Andy's sister in the tear-inducing final chapter in the Toy Story trilogy.

3. James Wood Voiced...

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Hades In Hercules

Perhaps the sassiest Disney villain of all time was voiced by Peter Griffin's arch nemesis James Wood. Once you hear it, you can't un-hear it.

4. Scott Weinger Voiced...

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aladdin In Aladdin

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Steve from Full House voiced "Prince Ali" in the animated film. As a wink to fans of the original movie, Steve actually was shown in an Aladdin costume during the Disney World episode of Full House.

5. Mel Gibson Voiced...

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John Smith In Pocahontas

The controversial actor is the voice of the strapping blonde explorer who eventually wins Pocahontas' heart.

6. Jeremy Irons Voiced...

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Scar In The Lion King

kairadesu•_• • on YouTube

The English actor and star of The Borgias voiced the cruel and calculating lion in the famous Disney flick.

7. Mandy Moore Voiced...

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Rapunzel In Tangled

2911zanna on YouTube

The former "Candy" pop princess voiced actual princess Rapunzel, though in real life Moore tends to keep her hair at a chic shoulder length.

8. Matthew Broderick Voiced...

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Simba In The Lion King


Ferris Bueller played the older version of the prince of the jungle, alongside someone who would become one of his co-stars in the film version of The Producers.

9. Nathan Lane Voiced...

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Timon In The Lion King

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Lane played the meerkat who becomes one of Simba's BFFs.

10. Moira Kelly Voiced...

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Nala In The Lion King

OfficialNalaLioness on YouTube

You may know her as Lucas' uber-wise mom Karen from One Tree Hill, but you first heard her voice when she was playing Simba's lioness love.

11. Emma Thompson Voiced...


Queen Elinor In Brave

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The Love, Actually actress played Merida's mother in this feisty princess movie.

12. Christian Bale Voiced...

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Thomas In Pocahontas

Before he was Batman, Bale provided the voice of settler Thomas, whom my childhood memory completely forgot straight-up kills someone in this movie.

13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Voiced...

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Jim In Treasure Planet

rattlesthestars on YouTube

Back when he was a sitcom star on 3rd Rock From The Sun, a young JGL voiced the lead actor in a futuristic version of Treasure Island.

Good luck not seeing these actors' faces when you watch your favorite Disney flicks now.