Wilmer Valderrama Celebrated His Birthday With Demi Lovato, Wolves, & Cake

Some folks spend their birthdays wolfing down multiple slices of generously frosted cake, whereas others spend their birthdays kicking it with actual wolves. (As far as I am concerned, both choices sound like a thrill.) And this year, the host of the short-lived, albeit iconic MTV game show Yo Momma just so happens to fall into the latter category. On Saturday, Minority Reportstar Wilmer Valderrama rang in his 36th birthday at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, Calif. Valderrama, longtime girlfriend Demi Lovato, Lovato's sister, and their friends celebrated the That '70s Show star's day of birth by hanging out with real wolves at a non-profit wolf preservation organization.

If you've always secretly wanted to see a picture of Sonny Monroe and Fez sitting next to a giant wolf, then your oddly specific dream is about to come true: Both Valderrama and Lovato posted some fang-tastic (please do not waste a second of your day waiting around for an apology because I am not even the slightest bit sorry for that pun) wolf photos all over Instagram and Twitter. Dare I say the photos from are...*rubs hands together* *takes deep breath* *cracks knuckles* *howls at the moon* ...paw-some?

Well, well, well. What have we here? Not just a cake, but a wolf-themed cake?!?!?!

I guess you can have your wolf cake and wolf it, too.