Check Out These Hillary & Bernie Iowa Tie Memes

by Melissa Cruz

Though the Iowa caucus hasn't been officially called, candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been in a virtual tie for much of Monday night. The presidential hopefuls were separated by less than a full percentage point with most precincts reporting. With the results being this close, the night shows that it won't matter as to who comes up on top at the end, but that both candidates are in it, neck-and-neck, for the long haul. But despite the seriousness of the dead heat for the caucus, these memes on Clinton and Sanders' Iowa tie still manage to funnily sum up the race.

With network news still calling the race between Clinton and Sanders a virtual tie, many people are staying up to watch the results roll in. And with .2 percent separating the two Democratic opponents, it is essentially a toss up as to which way the final votes will sway. Twitter is glued to the results, with some complaining of wanting sleep but ultimately wanting to know the results more.

With such a close race, it's anyone's guess as to what will come for Sanders and Clinton with the following primary elections. But rest assured, Twitter will be there to make the best memes out of the situation.