Kendall Jenner Revealed Huge Detail About CaKe

Life is all about having your CaKe and eating it, too, right? Well, fashion girls and fans of supermodels Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner might have to wait for their CaKe. As in the rumored Cara Delevingne x Kendall Jenner CaKe clothing line. Jenner actually spoke to Vogue UK about their off-the-runway relationship and how the Internet went nuts over the idea of these two launching an apparel line, since both have seriously enviable street style. That's when she revealed a huge detail about the CaKe clothing line's "existence" and its possible future. Warning: It's all very meta.

Rumors about CaKe being "a thing" were started and stoked by the models themselves. They've worn CaKe shirts and carried CaKe-branded backpacks. It was their version of the halved BFF necklaces you shared with your bestie while growing up.

In case it wasn't obvious, the moniker is a mashup of their first names and the notion of these two collaborating creatively was, well, delish. We figured that they were showing off prototype pieces and gauging a reaction and market interest, like any good business person.

Eh, not so fast.

"We basically made it up and it's our thing now. We call each other 'CaKe,'" Jenner said, noting that "right now it is a personal thing." Hmm, how personal can it be when they are wearing shirts in public, knowingly arousing curiosity about their inside joke?

The CaKe shirts were cute, right? Vogue did note that Jenner placed "a strong emphasis on the now" when speaking about CaKe, suggesting that perhaps something is in the works for the future.

Here's why I think that while CaKe isn't currently a thing, it can and should be. First, the Internet wants it. Fans were excited about a CaKe collabo and responded to their "personal thing" shirts. Clearly, there is a demand and a market and fans want to copy their off-duty street style.

Second, Jenner and her little sister Kylie just launched their high-end Kendall + Kylie line, which is sold in posh department stores and online. It's a big deal for them and they are stepping into a new world. The sisters are clearly attempting to reach a more discerning customer outside of their normal teen demographic. It will take some time for them to own that space and perhaps Jenner doesn't want to detract from Kendall + Kylie with something like CaKe just yet.

Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then again, she could also be throwing us off the scent and keeping the real details close to the vest. Maybe she is trolling us all, although that doesn't seem to be her steeze. In the digital age, teasing and dispensing information on social media is the norm, keeping fans and potential customers on their toes. So you just never know.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (2)