Here's How Much A Too Faced PB&J Will Cost You

On Feb. 28 Too Faced's Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette will finally be unveiled to the public online. It is listed on the Too Faced website as purchasable for $36 and includes nine scrumptious and creamy shades of strawberries and purples and warm oranges and browns. Surprise!

Some of the most notable shadows include a bright purple "Jelly," a sparkly light cream called "Banana," a shiny terra-cotta named "Peanut Brittle," and a sweet romantic peach named "Spread the Love." Most are laced with a gold-kissed sheen. You'll go nuts and bananas for these awesome warm-tones to brighten up the rest of your winter.

Additionally, the palette is purportedly supposed to smell like the actual brown-bagged PB&J you packed every day for school lunch. Nostalgia much? I haven't eaten a PB&J since the third grade, so maybe this is my chance to finally try one again. However, reviewers of the palette over at Allure say it's more of a chocolatey smell, than, well, sandwich-y. That's probably because the palette is infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder! Heck, I'm not complaining.

For those with severe nut allergies this is the chance to try what you never could. That being said, there are a few other awesome Too Faced Palettes to curb your appetite for cool eye looks prior to the release of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette!

1. Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, Too Faced, $49

2. Chocolate Bar Palette

Chocolate Bar Palette, Too Faced, $49

3. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, Too Faced, $49

4. Sweet Peach Palette

Sweet Peach Palette, Too Faced, TBD Summer 2016

5. Natural Eyes Palette

Natural Eyes Palette, Too Faced, $36

6. Natural Matte Palette

Natural Matte Palette, Too Faced, $36

7. Country Nashville Nudes Palette

Country Nashville Nudes Palette, Too Faced, $36

8. Boudoir Eyes Palette

Boudoir Eyes Palette, Too Faced, $36

9. Rock n' Roll Palette

Rock n' Roll Palette, Too Faced, $32.40

10. Cat Eyes Palette

Cat Eyes Palette, Too Faced, $36

11. Return of Sexy Palette

Return of Sexy Palette, Too Faced, $49

Although not all of these smell like chocolate, these beautiful shades are sure to quell any hunger pains for sweet eyes in the meantime.

Images: Instagram (4), Too Faced (11)