This Snapchat Trick Is The Best

Dogs are great. Cartoons of dogs are, sometimes, better. And thanks to Snapchat, you can now have the best of both worlds. How, you ask? Uh, because this Snapchat lens turns your dog into Dug from Up! You know, the movie whose plot I can't even describe without crying? With the precious angel of a pup who loves squirrels? I know — I'm screaming, too. What a time to be alive.

Technically, this is not a lens for dogs, nor is it a lens for Disneyphiles. In fact, this lens was just putting along, thinking itself simply a "funhouse mirror" kind of guy since its release in September 2015... until a few weeks ago, when a genius thought to turn their phone on their little doggie. And then the whole world changed.

The how-to for this amazing trick is fairly straightforward. The toughest element of the process is honestly just getting your dog to stay still long enough for the lens to take effect. Once you've got your pup in frame, hold your finger on the image of the dog's face until your lens options pop up in the righthand corner of your screen. Then scroll through until you've got the funhouse mirror. You'll know you've found it when suddenly you have a Dug instead of a dog in your home.

Check out some of my fave Twitter Dug dogs below. You get a Dug! You get a Dug! Everybody gets a Dug!

Scruffy Dug!

Adorkable Dug!

Fluffy Dug!

Floppy Dug!

Kind of, um, strange Dug!

Horned Dug!

Serious Dug!

Glamour Dug!

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Image: Disney