8 Ways 'KUWTK' & The Super Bowl Are The Same

Every Super Bowl Sunday brings a big choice for people who are both football and television fans — do you watch your regularly scheduled programs or do you watch the Super Bowl? Of course, some Sunday night programming makes this decision easier by opting out of the Sunday night competition altogether. With that in mind, will Keeping Up With The Kardashians air on Super Bowl Sunday?

E! has been teasing clips from Kris Jenner’s big, Great Gatsby-themed 60th birthday party and Kylie and Tyga’s relationship drama for upcoming episode, “Family First.” But, this episode is actually slated to air Feb. 14 — a week after the Super Bowl. So, Kardashian and Panthers/Broncos fans can rest easy, if you choose to watch the Big Game instead, you won’t miss any of Kris’ birthday drama, roaring '20s fashions, Kylie/Tyga heartache, or general Kardashian surprises.

And, while there’s no new Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode this weekend, you can find all of the emotion and excitement of a reality TV episode in the Super Bowl. Here are all of the ways that the Super Bowl is basically an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

You Are Encouraged To Watch Both With Junk Food

It's blasphemous to watch the Super Bowl or a KUWTK episode without an array of cheese dips and fried food to better enjoy the spectacle with.

People Cry

Emotions run high during both high-stakes football games and reality TV episodes.

People Throw Beverages At Each Other

A cocktail in the face is more of a staple of the reality TV genre than a Kardashian trait, but you do see drink throwing at the Super Bowl too — the winning coach may be doused in Gatorade.

People Fight

Though the motivations are different, football games, like reality TV, have been known to get ugly.

Everyone Is Wearing Tight Pants

Be it haute couture or an athletic uniform, leggings are leggings.

It Can Be Boring

Sometimes reality TV is too realistic and not dramatic enough (although you'd pretty much never be able to accuse the Kardashians of that). And, sometimes two equally matched teams can’t score. Snore …

Surprisingly Graphic Content

Hey, we saw Kourtney Kardashian pull a baby out of herself. Bones break during football games. You have to be tough to keep up with the Kardashians and the NFL.

Kim May Still Be There

Last year, Kim appeared in a Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile. Considering that she endorses many products, who knows, she or another member of the family could be back in ad for Super Bowl 50!

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