How To Avoid Bumps After Plucking Eyebrows

by Lindsey Rose Black
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Plucking my eyebrows isn't exactly the most thrilling activity, and getting pimples where I've just attempted to prevent a unibrow from happening is the worst. Since I am officially tired of this struggle, I finally decided to learn how to avoid bumps after plucking your eyebrows and am excited to share the steps with you. Farewell cruel, post-pluck pimples!

Pimples happen in the brow area when exposed hair follicles get infected with bacteria. This could occur for a countless number of reasons, but two of the most likely culprits include using a dirty set of tweezers or touching your brows right after you pluck them. Worry not, even if it's too late to prevent pimples this time around, you can still get rid of them.

To deal with post-plucking pimples, XOVain advised spreading a clarifying mask right over your eyebrows for at least ten minutes several days in a row. My personal favorite is a DIY combination of about two tablespoons of Indian healing clay mixed with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of coconut oil (P.S. this recipe also makes a great natural spot treatment!). Additionally, consider investing in a cleansing toner that will zap any excess oils around your brows that could make matters worse.

The key to not getting pimples after tweezing is all in proper before and aftercare. Follow the steps below to prevent those brow pimples from getting in the way of your brow game ever again.


1. Wash Your Face

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Washing your face ensure's you've rinsed off any potentially pore-clogging bacteria.

2. Exfoliate

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After you've washed your face, gently exfoliate around your brows to remove dead skin cells so you get the easiest tweeze.

3. Clean Your Tweezers

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Before you pluck, rinse your tweezers with toner or hydrogen peroxide to sterilize them.

4. Sprinkle Brows With Baby Powder

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Byrdie recommended sprinkling your brows with baby powder just before plucking to soak up any additional oil near your brows.


1. Apply Oil-Free Moisturizer

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Applying aloe or hydrocortisone cream will soothe the freshly plucked skin without adding oil that could lead to zits.

2. Wait To Work Out

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Sweat sessions are great for your skin and expel yucky toxins, but you should hold off on a heavy workout for at least a day so that the sweat doesn't drip bacteria down your face. Eek.

That's it! Good luck getting #BrowsOnFleek

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