6 Ad Campaigns Where Male Models Have Wrinkles, But Female Models Look Frozen

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I was walking past an Express store over Christmas, when I saw something that made me stop short and fumble around in my purse for a jar of smelling salts. The male model on the poster in the window had a furrowed brow. I'll say it again, slowly: The dude had wrinkles. Imperfections. And wait — was that a little gray hair tucked behind one ear?

In stark contrast, the female model in the next window looked about 15 years younger than he did, her face as smooth and glowing as the moon in a children's book. No creases on her forehead, or lines spiderwebbing out from the corners of her eyes when she smiled. No sir.

As I sashay through my 20s, I've learned something kind of radical. Everybody has lines on their faces. Not just mummified bog bodies! Even my little sister, who's in high school, has a few lines on her face that help her — get this — form facial expressions. Who knew? The human face folds when we talk, cry, smile, and convey surprise. It doesn't matter how young or old we are — when we raise our eyebrows, our foreheads crinkle.

In the following ad campaigns, men get to keep those lines. (Call them wrinkles, call them facial expression aftermath, whatever.) It makes them look sexy, distinguished, mysterious, troubled, suave. But the women? I think you already know what happens to the women.

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