Get Ready For More Talking Animals On TV

While many watch the Super Bowl for the glory, the pain, and the high stakes athleticism, others enjoy (or endure) the Super Bowl for the commercials. The ads, which cost $5 million for a 30 second time slot according to Business Insider, are often considered the most exciting in the business. And while many cater to a dated idea of what Super Bowl audiences want, depicting scantily clad women and bros enjoying brews, something else has become a staple in the world of Super Bowl advertising: the talking animal. Now Honda's Super Bowl commercial has sheep singing "Somebody to Love," so the company is officially part of the animals-acting-like-people club.

The Honda Ridgeline commercial, out online days before Super Bowl 50, depicts a herd of sheep with a special gift: the ability to do a killer Queen cover rivaling the cast of Glee. The sheep sing “Somebody to Love,” and while most of the herd provides backup vocals, one stands out from the pack. A Freddie Mercury-wannabe sheep leads them in an adorable rendition of the classic ‘70s song. The capper of the commercial is the real surprise, as the voice over turns out to be the farmer’s dog. The farmer, of course, is oblivious to his animals’ talents.

So, there is a reason the talking animal, often the talking dog, has become an advertising gimmick. People like it. Here's the new Honda ad and a few of the most memorable talking animal ads from Super Bowls and television past.

Jay & Duke

The premise of these commercials, which have been entertaining us for decades, is that Jay only revealed his top-secret family recipe to his dog, Duke. And, while most dogs are great secret keepers, Duke can talk.

“Yo Quiero Taco Bell”

The talking Taco Bell Chihuahua was crazy popular in the ‘90s — I remember winning a Taco Bell talking plush toy in third grade and being really jazzed about it.

The "Sausages" Dog

Bud Light reveals what dogs would say if they could talk.

"Ditch The Herd"

Corona has a series of ads with the slogan "ditch the herd" with an anthropomorphized sheep. While the football commercial is pretty goofy, the commercial where the sheep-man goes hunting is a tad disturbing.

Hump Day

Geico is famous for its many, many ad campaigns. Don Draper guy, joke telling folk musicians, Pig yelling “wee,” and the beloved gecko — to name a few. And of course, several of these characters are talking animals. Though, the brand’s talking camel and the talking owls are really something to, well, talk about.


The magical Pepto Bismol squirrel is magically always there when you need him, camping, on a plane, or even at a wedding.

The Bud, Weis, Er Frogs

These frogs were a huge hit in the ‘90s, with a series of Budweiser commercials. They were so popular that more characters were added. Remember the Budweiser lizards?

The Dog Fam, Out For A Sunday Drive

OK – so the animals don’t technically talk. But, I know what Mrs. Dog would be saying if she could talk and I feel ya, girl.

Image: Honda/YouTube