Teens React To 'Fuller House' Trailer

The Fine Brothers are back with a new “Teens React” video to make all of us who are over the age of 20 feel like we are slipping inexorably closer too death’s chilly embrace. This time, the teens react to the trailer for Fuller House, the Full House sequel launching on Netflix on February 26. This experiment veers slightly away from the usual “kids react” formula of having kids encounter things from the 90s and then act hilariously weirded out by our ancient technology and bizarre music preferences; instead, it features teens watching a contemporary trailer, and their reaction to it depends entirely on whether they feel nostalgia for Full House. The teens who are familiar with the show are generally really excited for the new series, while those who never knew the joys of Michelle Tanner’s one-liners or the majesty of Uncle Jesse’s hair mostly stare at the screen with an expression that says, “Wait… what?”

While it makes me feel old to realize that teens these days may not have seen Full House — a show which basically defined every Friday night for me from the ages of 4 to 12 — I actually find the reactions of the teens who are Full House fans more upsetting to my ancient, creaky heart. A couple of the teens say that they watched the show on Nick at Nite growing up; one guy adds, “I just made a bunch of people feel old by telling them that was on Nick at Nite when I was a kid.”

YES, sir, yes, you did. Do you know what was on Nick at Nite when I was growing up?

THE GODDAMN DICK VAN DYKE SHOW.* Excuse me while I sob incoherently.


Anyway, the teens who are Full House fans seem pretty psyched about the new series and seeing the cast back again (even though one laments, “They’re so old,” which makes me want to lay down on my fainting couch and never get up). They speculate as to why the Olsen sisters chose not to return, and discuss whether they think Full House is “cheesy.” One girl responds, “The cheesiness is just the 90s. That’s just how things were.” Is that true? Did the 90s invent cheesiness? I don’t know what’s real anymore.

If, by some magical omission of fate, you haven’t seen the Fuller House trailer, you can check it out below:

* Which was an awesome show, obviously, but that’s not the point. The idea that Full House is to today’s kids what The Dick Van Dyke Show — a black and white classic that couldn’t even allow its married main characters to sleep in the same bed — was to ME makes my brain sad.

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