9 Easy Techniques For Curly Haired Gals

No matter what the length, hair can be a lot of work. However, there's no doubt that curly hair can be harder to manage than other textures. If you have natural ringlets or curls and are looking for quick hairstyles for curly hair, look no further — I made it my mission to do the research for you.

If you find yourself reaching for the straightening iron too often and are trying to save your hair from damaging heat stylers, you are totally not alone. But despite what you think, it's totally possible to create gorgeous hairstyles in little time without having to apply the heat. Surrender the straightening iron, forget getting a relaxer, and keep reading!

From hassle-free updos to learning how to air-dry frizz-free, I've scoured the Internet for the best (and easiest) hairstyles for all of you curly-haired gals. While the right haircut and the right products are key, knowing how to properly wash and brush your curls is equally as important. And since we know air-drying can be time consuming, I've even included a few tutorials that will teach you how to blow-dry without turning your hair into a lioness-esque mane.

While managing curly hair may seem tough, it can be done! Have you seen the rope trick? If you haven't, you'll want to keep reading to learn the best quick hairstyles for curly hair.

1. The Frizz-Free Blow-dry Technique For Big Curly Hair

Since we know curly usually means thick, here's how to make your blow-dry successful and quick.

2. Air-Drying Using The Rope Trick

As it turns out, defined, beautiful curls are easier than you thought!

3. The Braided Updo

Often times, when we think of a night out, we think of loose, romantic waves and sleek updos. But this look proves us wrong — curly hair can be sexy — even in an updo.

4. The Half-Up Bohemian Braid

Voila, we've found the perfect everyday look!

5. The Right Way To Style Short Curly Hair

It's all about the layers and believe it or not, a curling iron can be your friend.

6. The Sleek Ponytail

If you thought those stingy baby hairs were going to kill your ponytail vibe, here's how to tame them.

7. Using Hair Wax To Create Perfect Curls

If you're looking for an effortless, air-dried style, this is the holy grail.

8. Date Night Hair

Here's how to take your hair from the gym to date night.

9. Romantic, Natural Curls Using the Bantu Knot Technique

This easy trick is an example of A-game air-drying for those of you with natural curls,

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