'WOWS' Has More F-Bombs Than You Thought

No, you're not an epic lude trip, this is real life: The Wolf of Wall Street is supposedly getting a four hour cut on the Blu-ray DVD. An early cut of the film was said to be about four hours long, but being made for the major movie studio that is Paramount pictures, obvious constraints were put in place. This held up the process of getting the movie out, and the film was eventually cut down to the 179 minutes that was shown in theatres. But now, two of the film's producers, Joey McFarland and Riza Aziz, have been hinting at a four hour version of The Wolf of Wall Street that will be released this spring:

"I think we are going to have some good surprises. To be honest with you the movie is not much different in its longer form, it’s just longer versions of scenes. Nothing really got cut out so it’s a lot more of what you’ve already seen."

So where does this extra hour of film come from? Apparently, and not surprisingly, the trimmings were taken from the movie's party scenes, which encompass a healthy chunk of the 3-hour version. We can assume that even more F-bombs will be included, although the cut version already had a whopping 506 utterances of the word, 231 less than in Belfort's memoir.

Producer Riza said of the language in an extended edition, "It's tough! You figure another hour so I'd figure another 25% more! I've never done an F-Bomb count. I am sure there's plenty more."

Image: Paramount; tumblr