What 100 Years Of Zombie Evolution Looks Like

Yes, zombies evolve over time, and this terrifying video will show you 100 years of zombie evolution. The video is rated M for "Blood and gore," so if you have a weak disposition, I suggest you turn away now. Keep in mind that it's all fake blood and gore though, no matter how realistic it looks, zombies are not actually things that exist (yet). The video was made by video game Dying Light (which duh, is about zombies), and a make up team of very skilled artists, and follows the 100 year evolution of the portrayal of zombies in popular culture.

Starting with the "Voodoo Zombie" of 1932, the makeup isn't as elaborate as what we need now on things like The Walking Dead, but it's absolutely no less terrifying. There's something just as unsettling as the subtle undead as there is about dramatically rotting flesh. The video also reveals how many iterations of "zombie" there are, and the byline simply states, "Think All Zombies Are the Same? Think Again." For all our zombie apocalypse anxiety in popular culture, that seems about right. There's a zombie for literally every occasion. All that's left to be seen is what actually happens when the zombie virus takes over the world. Here are some of the horrifying zombies from the past 100 years.

WARNING: Some of these are genuinely gross, so eat lunch/look at your own risk!

1. Voodoo Zombie, 1932

This zombie is sepia toned and kind of glam. Definitely the most "fabulous" zombie of the bunch. He turns from human to zombie by drinking a potion, eek! This zombie is still a living person, but has been robbed of free will to become a mindless minion that does the bidding of its master.

2. Living Dead, 1968

The living dead is closer to the zombies you know today. It's a reanimated corpse that can only be killed by decapitation. It's slow moving but strong and feels no pain. Kind of like the zombies in a little TV show you might have heard of...

3. Viral Zombie, 1996

Here's where the makeup starts to get really realistic and elaborate. The '90s zombie is a government conspiracy, created in a lab somewhere. This zombie is popular in '90s video games, and has rotting flesh, and a penchant for clawing and biting.

4. Rabid Zombie, 2002

This is by far the most disgusting zombie so far. It vomits infectious blood. Enough said, right? It's also fast and frenzied and has bloody eyes. So there's that too.

5. Biter, 2010

The Biter is the zombie you know and love from televisions The Walking Dead. It can survive almost anything, and looks gross except starvation and a beating to the head, but is kind of lame (unless you're swamped by a crowd of them).

6. Z Zombie, 2013

This zombie is effing awful. It makes a weird chattering sound with its teeth and needs to be burned to die. It's kind of human looking, and fast!

7. Dying Light Volatile, 2015

The most contemporary iteration of the zombie is by far the most grotesque. It's nocturnal, which makes it extra creepy because no one likes scary things in the dark. It's also strong and agile. So good luck with that (it's featured in the video below).

Watch the full transformative video below, and learn everything you need to know about the 100 year evolution of zombies:

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