Marilyn Monroe Is The Star Of This Snickers Ad

by Vannessa Jackson

A lot of companies are have already released some of their highly anticipated commercials that will air during the big game known as Super Bowl 50. For those of us who enjoy watching the Super Bowl simply for the commercials and food, seeing what the biggest companies have in store is exciting. As per usual, they aren't holding back when it comes to enlisting the biggest talent and employing the most creativity. There has already been a lot of buzz for the new Snickers Super Bowl ad starring Willem Dafoe and Marilyn Monroe. Yes, Marilyn Monroe does indeed star in the new ad, and, well, how is that even possible?

So, how does an Iconic American film star make an appearance in an ad nearly 50 years after her death? Well, modern movie magic, that's how. Snickers once again used BBDO advertising agency, the same agency responsible for last year's genius Snickers ad starring Danny Trejo has Marcia Brady. While they haven't released a breakdown of the makings of their newest ad, we can assume getting Monroe to make an appearance was probably similar to the tricks they used in last year's ad — stand-ins, mouth replacements, and a lot of green screens.

This year, they wanted to do something a little more special, considering it's the big 50. Adding Monroe to the ad wasn't just for fun; Snickers had a purpose behind the iconic star making an appearance. Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Snickers Brand Director, told AdAge, "Since we're kicking-off the '50' celebration of one of the world's most iconic events it seemed only fitting to cast Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood icon with global appeal, to help us celebrate." And it worked! The result is not only celebratory, but absolutely hilarious. Apparently, even Monroe isn't immune to getting a little hangry sometimes.

This ad was just a teaser of what Snickers and the rest of America has in store this Sunday, but, personally, I'm more excited than ever to see all the hilarious commercials. Whether your team wins or loses, at least you can have a few good laughs in between. Of course, if that doesn't help, you can always look forward to Beyoncé performing, because that's what the Super Bowl is really all about.

Watch the Snickers commercial below.

Image: SnickersBrand/YouTube