9 Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Your Beauty Products — VIDEOS

It's time to lose the notion that your beauty products are one-size fits all. In fact, there are tons of different ways to reuse the products in your makeup stash. All you have to do is use a little imagination and creative thinking in order to repurpose your products. Besides, why would you pay for a lipstick if it's only going to go on your lips? That's no fun. It's time to get creative with makeup and learn new ways to use your products.

When it comes to playing around with your makeup, be aware of possible safety hazards. Not all products are formulated to stray from their intended areas. Before you go crazy, do a little research into the products that you'll be using. For instance, take a look at the ingredient list. If there are certain waxes, dyes, or chemicals that sounds as if they would clash with your eyes or skin, then don't use them in those areas. However, be aware that most makeup can be multi-functional without being hazardous. Just use common sense and the power of the Internet to make the most rational decision for you. Once you've got that down, there's no end to the possibilities that your makeup can do. Here are nine ways to change up the use of your beauty products.

1. Eyeshadow As Lipstick

Spankie Valentine TV on YouTube

While blogger Spankie Valentine shows us many different ways to DIY your own lipstick, I love how she uses eye shadow to create a bold lip color. How useful is that?!

2. Mascara As Gel Eyeliner

Wayne Goss on YouTube

You don't need a bunch of product to create a flawless eye look. You just need mascara! Here is how makeup artist, Wayne Goss uses mascara to create an easy winged eyeliner.

3. Lipstick As Blush

Veronica Gorgeois on YouTube

Give yourself a gorgeous flush of color by using lipstick as a blush. The lip color's creamy formula helps to blend the color seamlessly for an easy blushing look.

4. Lipstick As Concealer

Deepica Mutyala on YouTube

Cover harsh dark circles and dark spots by using a brick red or orange concealer as a corrector. The orange and red tones help to neutral the blue undertones in your skin, which gives your face a brighter, more even coloration.

5. Foundation As Contour

Queenii Rozenblad on YouTube

Have a darker foundation laying around? Use it as a cream contour! Simply apply the darker shade to the hollows of your face to create a beautiful, contoured look.

6. Loose Powder As Liquid Foundation

Hi it's Joy on YouTube

Transform your loose powder into a liquid foundation by mixing the powder with a bit of moisturizer, primer, or lotion. The creamy consistency will allow the mix to glide over your skin, and leave it looking flawless.

7. Hairspray As Brow Tamer

Akriti Sachdev on YouTube

Keep your brow hairs in place all day long by using hairspray as a brow tamer. Simply spray a spoolie with hairspray or use your fingers as a tool to slick back your brows.

8. Liquid Lipstick As Eyeliner


Liquid lipsticks aren't necessarily formulated to be used around the eyes, so be cautious when using this hack. Be sure to avoid your water line, and to use a lipstick formulation that is newer, and more of a mousse consistency as blogger, Emily Fox, suggests.

9. Eyeshadow As Hair Dye

ROSEBUD on YouTube

If you aren't sure about committing to a wild hair color, try using an eyeshadow first. It's a fun way to change up your hairstyle without the commitment.

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