This 'Zero Theorem' Trailer is A Trip

"Discover the meaning of you" is the first thing the official trailer for The Zero Theorem, Terry Gilliam's futuristic sci-fi picture, dictates. And judging from the trailer, the meaning of "me" is bleak, and I don't want it. I do, however, want to see this film since it stars a bald Christoph Waltz playing a reclusive computer genius named Qohen Leth who is trying to determine from a computer algorithm whether or not the universe has meaning. Personally, I'm amped to listen to Waltz opine about the general purposelessness of human existence for a couple of hours in an accent.

And hey, I'm not saying Theorem is predictable buuuuut I'm gonna venture to guess that the films concludes that no, the universe does not, in fact, mean anything, and we're all just space debris floating around toward death. Cheerful!

The trailer is great, though, and apparently the future is some sort of hybrid between the sets of Futurama, the Capitol from the Hunger Games, Party Monster and every photo of the universe on Tumblr with some sort of pseudo-meaningful quote imposed upon it. The film also stars Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, and Melanie Thierry.

Director Gilliam said this of the film: "Zero Theorem was more a reaction to the connected world... We all exist as part of the connection, we are a neuron in this bigger thing, can we disconnect? Can solitude be more interesting? I don’t know if people know who they are unless they spend time alone... they only know reactions, tweets etc, not actual existences."

Ouch, barb to Twitter, but maybe he's right. But maybe I'll live-tweet it. Watch the trailer here:

Image: VoltagePictures/YouTube