Emilia Clarke Just Proved She's Bigger Than 'GoT'

by Vannessa Jackson

Bust out the tissues, because Emilia Clarke's new film Me Before You is going to make you cry tears of joy. After watching the two-minute trailer, I am in emotional shambles, but even more excited to see this film debut in June. For multiple reasons, but mainly because Me Before You will mark a great creative departure from Game of Thrones for Clarke. The film will follow Louisa Clark (played by Emilia Clarke) as she takes on the job of caretaker for a paralyzed man, William Traynor (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2's Sam Claflin). As the film progresses, Louisa and William fall in love and, of course, that love doesn't come without a few complications. From just this short trailer the chemistry between Clarke and Claflin is incredible, and the two seem to be the perfect casting match.

This film could have simply been another drop in the ocean of a million other romantic films in the world, but there is something about the way Clarke portrays this character (from what I can see in the trailer) that feels different. She's no longer a blonde, for starters, and her character will be a bit more eccentric than that of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Don't hate me, GoT fans, but this might be her best role yet.

It's All About The Hair

Not only did she ditch that blonde wig for her natural brunette locks, but let's talk about those braids. It's like she's a frantic five year old who wanted to do her own hair for the day. However, she is working it and totally doesn't let the hair — or the outfit — overshadow her performance.

She Attempts Adulting The Way We All Do

She goes from a frantic five-year-old to a buttoned up adult really quickly, and somehow she pulls it off. Not to mention, that blazer is fabulous.

There She Goes Again

Her character just seems to have a very misguided sense of fashion, but then again, the trailer seems to point to that as part of her charm.

Girl Chat Is A Must

This is something we're not used to seeing her Game of Thrones character doing: kicking back on her bed for a little bit of girl chat. Every romantic film needs one of these scenes to really make it or break it, and this one seems to represent the former. Clarke's character really is too freaking cute.

That Red Dress

Forget the little black dress; it's the red dress that does the trick every time. This wasn't one of those scenes where she all of the sudden transforms into the popular girl at the party, in fact, it was much more subtle than that. She gracefully ups the glam level while staying true to herself.

The Moment We All Cried

I've never had a trailer produce the amount of emotions as this one did. Partially because Clarke is so good and really being in the moment in each short scene.

One More Wonderfully Weird Outfit

Before the trailer ends, of course they have to show a snippet of her in another lovably strange ensemble. And I for one, kind of like it.

Clarke has been a standout in the acting world for the last couple of years, and now she'll be able to prove that she can do anything from dramatic to romantic to silly and beyond. I'm excited to see what other roles this film will open up for her in the future, and of course, whether or not she lands that Iron Throne on Game of Thrones.

Images: YouTube/ Warner Bros. UK (7)